On binds, headbands, spines, joints and corners

Book restoration

The traditional way of protecting and preserving documents and texts written on paper and parchment is by binding them into books.

This conservation measure has evolved into an art and is an integral part of the history of the book. Most of the damage suffered by bindings are due to use and physical wear of the different functional parts of the book.

Using our knowledge of traditional binding techniques, we recover the book’s functionality: we ensure that it opens correctly, we reintegrate and reinforce the spine, the edges and corners of the binding and we reconstruct the book caps and headbands with leather, paper and thread while conserving and ensuring maximum use of all the original parts of the book.

Main projects

Spanish Senate

date: 2017-2019

Restoration of books from the Historical Collection of the Senate Library.

Klassik Stiftung Weimar

date: 2013-2015

Restoration of 104 leather-bound books affected by heat and water of the Duchess Anna Amalia Library, a library that suffered a fire in 2004 and where Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was once administrator and librarian.

Library of Catalonia

date: 2010-2012

Restoration of 133 books and incunabula from the Marés collection in the Printed Reserve and Special Collections section, 15th – 14th centuries.

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