After fire and water.

Mould treatment

Water is one of the great enemies of archival and library collections. Inadequate humidity and temperature are at the root of mould growth and can damage entire collections if timely action is not taken after an incident.

Deterioration weakens the paper and makes it impossible to consult a document without damaging it. Spores and fungal debris infest other areas of the repository and constitute a major allergen for archive and library workers.

We analyse the degree of infestation by measuring the biological activity and clean the documents to enable safe use and reduce the risk of future infestation.

Weakened sheets and losses in the carrier material are remedied through the application of a treatment adapted to the fragility of the documents in a process that combines both traditional methods and modern restoration technologies.

We assess the degree of damage and provide an offer that will meet the requirements.

Main projects

Hessiches Hauptstaatsarchiv

date: 2015-2020

Decontamination and restoration of 91,000 sheets from the “Altes Dillenburger Archiv” affected by mould.

Provincial Council of Bizkaia

date: 2015 – 2.021

Conservation and restoration of the “Corregimiento” Fund and the “Deusto” Municipal Archive.

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