Plans and maps

Big dimensions, big problems.

Plans and maps

The size and paper of these large format documents have always been a problem in archives. For storage, plans and maps were linen backed and folded or rolled up. With time, the use and handling of these large format documents caused rips and tears to appear in the margins and folds, a damage which was usually repaired with adhesive tape and auxiliary papers.

We are equipped with the main requirement for restoring plans and maps: plenty of space, large tables, suction tables for flattening and plan chests also ensure your documents are always kept safe.

We flatten folds and deformations, remove adhesive tapes, repair paper loss, reinforce tears and propose the most suitable way of storing your documents in your archive again.

Main projects

Stadtarchiv Wasserburg am Inn

date: 2016

Elaboration of a register of damages and conservation work in plans, drawings, photography and graphic artwork.

National Geographic Institute

date: 2004 – 2008

Restoration and consolidation of 1,594 original cartographic documents deposited in the Topographic Archive.

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