Preserving the ephemeral

Poster restoration

Large and attractive posters have always been a popular way of advertising products, exhibitions, shows or films and of presenting these short-term offers to the public.

The contrast between the quality of the paper used and the attractiveness of the printed design often puts these documents at risk. Frequently, the paper of the print is brittle and facilitates the appearance of rips & tears, perforations and creases.

Collectors from all over Europe as well as institutions with graphics collections appreciate our services and linen backing technique, which allows us to safely preserve posters up to 4 x 3 m. This method is traditionally used to preserve large graphic documents and maps.

We apply a double lamination of Japanese paper and natural cotton fabric. The adhesives are water-reversible and the documents are treated with an alkaline buffer to counteract the negative effects of acidity on the substrate.

Main projects


date: 2018

Restoration, conservation and creation of a damage register for 85 film posters, Montaverner.

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